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Elite Wood Ceilings

WoodTrends wood wall panels incorporate a
variety of configurations

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WoodGrill Wood Ceilings

WoodTrends WoodGrill incorporates the quality and dependability as well as innovation and creativity 

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Topline Wood Ceilings

Woodtrends Elite is a genuine wood veneered ceiling panel system

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Topline Acoustical Wood Planks

Woodtrends Select Built on the concept of creating high performance acoustical products with exceptional aesthetic value. Woodtrends Topline Acoustical Wood planks incorporate a variety of configurations to meet every acoustical requirement. Through flat, rigid materials are inherently reflective, balancing sound reflection and absorption is achieved through perforation. Perforated rigid materials, in conjunction with absorptive backings, allow for aesthetically pleasing finishes along with exceptional acoustic performance. Saw Blades are arranged at specific intervals to create the linear face.

toplineWider saw blades arranged on identical spacing are used to cut into the back side of the panel until the tips of the blades cause a perforation in the bottom of the face groove. A variety of groove width and spacing arrangements allow for a wide range of acoustical performance tailored to any need. Whether driven primarily by acoustics, aesthetics, or both, Topline's selection of groove widths and spacing will satisfy even the most demanding requirements.

Acoustical Testing has been performed on all configurations of Topline in conjunction with a number of absorptive backing materials. This means that third octave band data is available for all of the Topline products. Whether the emphasis is on maximum broad band absorption values , tuned absorption for high performance at specific frequencies, or simply a beautiful finish with the benefit of good acoustical performance, Topline will be the solution.

check mark topline Class A Composite Ratings are Available
check mark topline NRC Ratings as high as 0.90
check mark topline MDF, Chipboard or Plywood Substrates
check mark topline Standard Sizes - 2'x 2', 2'x 4'
check mark topline Custom Sizes Available

Topline Perforation Options

Topline 6/2 | Topline 13/3 | Topline 29/3
Topline 14/2 | Topline 28/4
Topline 5/3

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